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Cannabis Delivery Service Lantern Shutting Down

The CEO blames the speed of legalization and a challenging regulatory environment.

Lantern, a Cannabis delivery service based in Massachusetts, announced that it will wind down its operations.

Meredith Mahoney, CEO and co-founder of Lantern, said in a LinkedIn post that the company will shut down at the end of January.

She said the company’s Boston-area business continues to grow but expansion beyond Massachusetts has proved difficult.

Mahoney blamed the issue on the speed of legalization and the challenging regulatory environment.

“We wish every state approached ancillary third party tech companies the way our home-state of MA did, but unfortunately that's not how regulations are being proposed in key northeast markets such as New York,” she wrote.

Lantern launched in May 2020 and brought some of the first legal adult-use cannabis deliveries in Massachusetts by the summer of 2021.

Since launch, Lantern added delivery markets in Massachusetts and built an iOS app to expand access to its service.

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