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LISTEN: The Challenges Cannabis Operators Face During These Uncertain Times

CEN's David Mantey talks about emerging tech on Cannabis Radio's “Blunt Business” podcast.

Cannabis Equipment News Editor-in-Chief David Mantey recently joined Cannabis Radio's "Blunt Business" podcast to discuss emerging technology and the challenges industry operators face during these uncertain times. 

Mantey talks about game-changing automation and how it can be a major differentiator for operators facing chronic labor issues. He also predicts how artificial intelligence will play an increasing role for cannabis businesses. 

In this episode, Mantey discusses: 

  • How automation will play a huge role in the industry. (3:50)
  • Whether or not automation and AI will replace cannabis industry jobs. (6:12)
  • Why good manufacturing practices (GMP) are a necessity for cannabis operators. (10:05)
  • Why we should have more legacy operators from the illicit market in leadership roles in the legal market. (15:55)
  • How to deal with negative press from the mainstream media. (21:00)
  • The blowback after Mastercard bailed on the industry. (26:39)
  • Failures in current efforts to push federal legalization forward. (31:00)

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