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USDA Approves Genetically Modified Hemp Strain

"Badger G" has been engineered at UW-Madison to produce non-detectable THC.

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iStock/Irina Gutyryak

Hemp, Inc. said the USDA has approved a genetically modified (GMO) hemp strain. The newly approved GMO hemp variety, a breakthrough by the University of Wisconsin, is known as "Badger G."

Unlike traditional breeding methods that rely on the selection and crossbreeding of plants with natural genetic variations, "Badger G" has been crafted through genetic editing to amplify certain desirable traits – in this case, the cannabinoid CBG – while eliminating THC and CBD production. This strain stands to solve a pivotal problem in the hemp cultivation sector: regulatory compliance regarding THC levels. "Badger G" has been engineered to produce non-detectable THC. This is a solution for growers who face the risk of crop destruction if THC levels exceed the legal threshold.

Hemp, Inc. has fostered a roster of connections with hemp manufacturers and vendors across the country and abroad, the company expects to see growth curves on a domestic and international scale as the industry continues to grow. Through its e-portal, the company sells its product line containing CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, and CBN. The company uses pharmaceutical-grade beta-cyclodextrin (a carbohydrate used during the manufacturing process). Carbohydrates bond with oils including all the cannabinoids for rapid absorption and uptake.

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