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Floor Mount Hoods for Extraction

The hoods safely exhaust fumes and odors from botanical processes.

Cannabis Brochure Cover

HEMCO (Independence, MO) has introduced a line of UniMax Floor Mount Hoods for cannabis/hemp extractions to safely exhaust fumes and odors from botanical processes.

HEMCO also designs and constructs analytical testing clean labs that can be equipped with lab furniture, countertops, and fume hoods in standard packaged sizes or engineered to meet specific requirements. 

The company’s UniFlow composite resin UL classified fume hoods are offered with worksurfaces, base cabinets, and optional electrical and plumbing accessories. 

Ventilation and safety equipment including emergency safety showers, exhaust blowers, and inline HEPA or carbon filters are available to integrate with a lab system. 

For more information call 800-779-4362, or visit to request the new Cannabis Lab Solutions brochure.

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