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Solventless Extraction Equipment Provides Continuous Operation

It provides throughput of up to 5,000 biomass per day.

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Maratek's Vapor-Static Extraction System provides continuous operation with throughput of up to 5,000 pounds of biomass per day. Biomass is continuously introduced into a heated air stream where the cannabinoids are vaporized. The biomass is in contact with heat for only a few seconds before it's separated from the vapor stream.

The vapor stream is then shock-cooled and becomes a non-coalescing fog, which is carried into an electrostatic precipitator where electromagnetic fields pull the cannabinoids out of the fog for collection. The resulting concentrate is then pumped from the system into a collection vessel.

The Vapor-Static also includes a Clean-in-Place module for easier sanitization along with control modules covering temperature, pressure, level and many other integrated sensors.

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