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Pre-Loaded Trays for RoboCAP-RL in Vape Production

It achieves a production rate of up to 2000 cartridges filled and capped per hour.

Pre Loaded Trays Filling
ATG Pharma

ATG Pharma, a leading North American manufacturer of versatile filling and packaging equipment, is proud to spotlight the outstanding advantages of its pre-loaded trays for the RoboCAP-RL. With a background deeply rooted in the cannabis and pharmaceutical industry, ATG Pharma has established itself as a provider of top-tier equipment and services, aiming to optimize the filling processes for vape cartridges, capsules, lotions, bottles, creams, balms, and more.

The RoboCAP-RL, seamlessly integrated with pre-loaded trays, achieves an unprecedented production rate of up to 2000 cartridges filled and capped per hour, all managed by a single operator. This exceptional speed is a game-changer for manufacturers seeking to enhance their productivity and meet the growing demands of the vape industry.

In comparison to traditional trays, the RoboCAP-RL, empowered by ATG Pharma's innovation, boasts a remarkable fourfold increase in efficiency. This heightened level of performance not only accelerates the manufacturing process but also ensures a level of precision that is crucial in the production of high-quality vape products.

A key highlight of this solution is its potential for substantial cost savings. Manufacturers using ATG Pharma's robot with pre-loaded trays can anticipate savings ranging from $0.20 to $0.60 cents per unit, providing a competitive edge in an industry that demands both excellence and financial prudence.

In addition to these benefits, ATG Pharma has proud partnerships with industry leading hardware manufacturers such as CCELL, Greentank, O2 Vape, 3WIN, Jupiter, AVD, AVEO, and Ascera. These collaborations underscore the compatibility and optimization of the pre-loaded trays with a diverse range of hardware, offering manufacturers flexibility and choice.

"We are thrilled about the tangible advantages of our pre-loaded trays for the RoboCAP-RL, particularly in the context of vape production," stated Chris Shar, President, at ATG Pharma. "With our deep roots in the cannabis and pharmaceutical industry, we understand the critical importance of efficient processes, and this innovation further solidifies our commitment to providing leading quality standard equipment and services."

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