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Canapa Launches Pre-Roll Check Weigher

The 'pre-roll inspector' is accurate to 0.01 g and also works with gummies, capsules and other products.

The WeightCheQ 0-250 from Canapa is accurate to 0.01 g.
The WeightCheQ 0-250 from Canapa is accurate to 0.01 g.

Canapa has announced the WeightCheQ 0-250, the company's latest check weighing machine and "pre-roll inspector that is accurate to 0.01 g.

Engineered with electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) technology to achieve tight tolerances, the machine ensures a more accurate, consistent pre-roll is delivered for final retail packaging (watch video below).

The WeightCheQ can be paired with any semi-automated pre-roll machine or manual rolling process to double-check pre-roll weights, eliminating product waste while increasing margins.

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The technology is also suited to weigh gummies, capsules and other cannabis products with seamless integration into existing bagging, container filling, flow wrapping and case filling systems.

Additional features include:

  • A stainless-steel frame construction
  • Food grade belts
  • An integrated rejection lighting system
  • A 15-inch color touchscreen with display to three decimal points
  • Storage for up to 20 different recipes
  • Compressed air not required to operate

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