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'Stackable' Cannabis Vape Allows for Mixing and Matching Strains

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, ExStax includes a removable mouthpiece with every cartridge purchase.

Exstax Vape

ExStax, a cannabis technology company, today announced the launch of a stackable dual cartridge system delivering a customized vaping experience.

The technology is universally compatible with existing .510 cartridges on the market, and is compatible with a large majority of .510 batteries, allowing consumers to blend cannabis, tobacco and CBD/hemp vapor products.

The cartridge design is available in .3, .5, .7, and 1.0 ml , or "stacks," and is not exclusive to cannabis terpenes. The custom aperture holes allow for different liquids. Consumers can mix and match, combine, or, stack their cartridges, creating a personalized vape experience by mixing two strains and creating a custom hybrid.

"This new world of vapor technology promotes cross-industry collaboration between cannabis and retail brands, while engaging a diverse consumer base. Our technology has the ability to combine any two vapeable substances at your fingertips," said Rick Avila, one of the patent developers and co-CEO at ExStax.

Avila and his partners spent years engineering the Stak'd cartridge design before co-founding the company ExStax with Chris Botti in 2022.

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, ExStax includes a removable mouthpiece with every cartridge purchase. Consumers have the option to enjoy traditionally by screwing on the mouthpiece and battery, or with the patented system, mix and match, by removing the mouthpiece and stacking an additional cartridge on top.

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