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Perforated HDPE Plastic Trays Increase Drying Capacity

The trays can increase drying capacity and eliminate metal debris contamination.

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Metal trays can contribute metal contaminants to cannabis flower. New Jersey Weed Depot’s perforated HDPE plastic tray can address that concern.

They feature more than 13,000 holes for optimal 360-degree airflow, and patented rails on the bottom of the trays elevate them from the racks to improve airflow and aid in preventing wear to the tray itself.

The company said its trays can increase drying capacity without increasing manufacturing footprint and eliminate metal debris contamination. They are also lightweight and more cost effective than stainless steel trays, and made from high quality food-grade plastic that’s recyclable.

The trays fit a standard rack (18 x 26 perforated tray) and can handle a temperature range from -50° to 100°C (up to 120°C for short periods). They’re also available in custom colors to assign to specific cannabis strains during the drying/curing process to help prevent cross contamination.

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