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Ozone-Based Decontamination Systems

Help growers prevent costs associated with failed tests and contaminated harvests.

PRNewsfoto/Willow Industries

Willow Industries is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of its organic, ozone-based systems.

Developed with years of cultivator feedback, the WillowPure 360 effectively decontaminates microbials on cannabis while preserving and protecting its medicinal properties. The WillowPure 360, like its preceding systems, is designed as a post-harvest kill-step, specifically for cannabis and hemp cultivators by cannabis experts.

Utilizing data and feedback from customers and experts in the field, the WillowPure 360 incorporates a drum system to seamlessly move product through decontamination treatments, in line with existing post-harvest technologies. The WillowPure 360 is engineered to improve microbial kill rates & reduce cycle times. 

Cleaning between 45-105 pounds of flower per day, this new design requires minimal labor and provides a higher throughput of shelf-ready product. The touchscreen interface allows users to easily customize and adjust the gently turning drum for a balanced and uniform ozone treatment. The WillowPure 360 is the organic kill-step improved, helping cultivators pass compliance testing while providing the cleanest cannabis in their market.

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