Cold Temps Could Cost Millions in Colorado

The cold and snow came too early for growers to harvest their plants.

Last week, outdoor grow operations in Colorado experienced a nearly 70-degree Fahrenheit temperature change.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, companies say the temperature swing could have decimated millions of dollars in outdoor plants.

The cold and heavy snow came too early for farmers to harvest the plants. 

The event could be "catastrophic for growers," says Jon Vaught, CEO of Front Range Biosciences, a cannabis biotech firm. 

James Lowe, co-owner of the PotCo outdoor farm in Pueblo, says the wet snow collapsed most of a canopy above 7,000 plants. 

PotCo stands to lose up to $5 million after it was on pace to have its largest harvest in company history. 

While the company was prepared for the cold snap, PotCo's canopy couldn't withstand the weight of 9 inches of wet snow. 

Luckily, the record grow means PotCo could still be profitable despite the devastation.

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