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New Jersey Likely to Maintain Ban on Home Grows

A key state lawmaker suggested in-home cultivation would stifle the newly legal industry.

Most states with legalized recreational marijuana have allowed users to grow a few plants of their own for personal consumption.

But not New Jersey, the only state to legalize marijuana while banning in-home cultivation by both recreational and medical users.

And it appears the restrictions are likely to remain in place, the Asbury Park Press reports.

A key state lawmaker told advocates that he doesn’t see lawmakers lifting the ban “right now.”

He suggested that home grows could contribute to black-market sales and hurt the state’s nascent industry.

Marijuana reform activists, however, told the paper that home grows serve as an important check on the legal cannabis industry.

In New Jersey, critics hope to at least lift the ban for medical users, who they say could be forced into the illegal market by high dispensary prices.

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