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Cannabis-Fed Chickens Fetch Premium Prices

'GanjaChicken' tastes better.

A medical marijuana farm in Thailand has been adding cannabis to the diet for its free-range chickens and the results have been positive.

Instead of any medicines or antibiotics, the chickens are given feed and water with crushed-up cannabis mixed in.

According to Business Insider, fewer than 10% of the farm’s 1,000 chickens have died since the beginning of 2021.

The chickens have also been fetching higher prices from consumers interested in organic free-range poultry.

According to the report, the birds are going for double the normal price paid for chickens in Thailand.

Chompunut Lumsangkul, an assistant professor who led the study on the cannabis chickens, said they are just good eating, too.

She said that “GanjaChicken” tastes better and is more tender than meat from birds without cannabis in their diets.

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