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City Offers Rebates to Cannabis Dispensaries Upgrading Security

It's in response to a series of robberies targeting cannabis facilities.

The City of Sacramento is offering rebates up to $4,000 to cannabis dispensaries that upgrade their security.

The rebate program is made available through grant funds received from the state’s Department of Cannabis Control.

Sacramento said enhanced security is a priority in the wake of recent security breaches targeting cannabis facilities around the city.

The city said an upgraded security system can also result in lower insurance premiums for businesses.

Security measures eligible for the rebates include live motion security cameras and up to one year of monitoring service.

Sacramento will also provide rebates for the installation of a Knox Box and the purchase of safes, circular padlocks and vault doors.

Last year, Sacramento Police were investigating burglaries where thieves were taking as much as $100,000 worth of cannabis.

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