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Candy Giant Wins Lawsuit Over Copycat Cannabis Skittles

The concerns center around accidental THC ingestion by children.

Mars Canada has reportedly won a lawsuit it filed against multiple cannabis retailers over unlawful use of its trademarked brands.

The lawsuit alleged KIng Tuts Cannabis and other companies were selling products that looked like Skittles but contained cannabis edibles.

According to the National Post, Mars hired private investigators to seek out the products that infringed on the company’s copyright.

According to StratCann, the defendants were ordered to destroy the products and pay CAD$45,000 in fines and penalties.

“The fact that Skittles are a confectionary product that are attractive to children reinforces the need to denounce the defendants’ conduct,” the ruling judge said.

Copycat cannabis products that mimic popular brands like Starburst and Cap’n Crunch have become an issue in the U.S. as well.

In May, the FDA warned consumers about the potential for accidental THC ingestion among children.

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