Connecticut Faces Lawsuits Over Cannabis Cultivation Rules

The complaints center on social equity programs.

Connecticut has seen mounting legal challenges to its cannabis cultivation licensing process.

According to the New Haven Register, two Hartford-based businesses sued earlier this summer and since then the number of suits has risen to 12.

Several plaintiffs have raised concerns over their cultivation license applications being denied by the state’s Social Equity Council.

Core Cult accused the Council of wrongly denying its license application after its majority owner failed to meet the residency requirement.

Connecticut legalized adult-use recreational cannabis last year and has since been setting a market framework.

The state has set aside half of its available cannabis licenses for social equity applicants, which have to meet strict requirements.

The social equity program is designed to help individuals and communities most impacted by the war on drugs.

Connecticut has so far seen 41 applicants for social equity cannabis cultivator licenses and it has approved 16.

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