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Dutchie Sues Akerna for Access to Key Market

The complaint says Akerna has refused to integrate Dutchie’s software.

Dutchie has filed a lawsuit against Akerna claiming unfair competition and tortious interference.

The complaint states that Akerna, which handles cannabis track and trace for Pennsylvania, has refused to integrate Dutchie’s software.

Dutchie said it works with 100 medical marijuana providers in the state but claimed there are roadblocks to using its software in concert with the state’s tracking program.

“Any medical marijuana organization utilizing a different POS system than that provided by Akerna…must pay for and enter data in both systems,” the lawsuit reads.

Akerna CEO Jessica Billingsley told Green Market Report that Dutchie’s complaint is “baseless.”

“Dutchie is currently an approved integration partner with the Commonwealth’s cannabis traceability system and will remain one through the length of our recently renewed contract,” she said.

Dutchie is seeking monetary damages and an injunction that would force Akerna to integrate third-party software.

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