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Cannabis Chocolates Recall Upheld in Court

The issue stems from a product design problem.

A Maryland court has upheld a decision to recall cannabis chocolates produced by Green Thumb Industries.

According to Law360 (sub. req.), a three-judge panel determined that the company’s subsidiary Chesapeake Alternatives did not meet packaging requirements.

The issue with the cannabis chocolates stems from a product design problem.

The chocolate bars featured 10 scored sections with 10mg of THC each.

Although the chocolate bars were previously approved, updated rules queued a recall since the bars couldn’t be broken into single servings.

Green Thumb has been ordered to stop production of the chocolate. The company tried to push back against what it said were new, stricter rules.

However, the court determined that the cannabis chocolates were originally approved in error since the state’s cannabis edible regulations were not yet in place.

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