Cannabis Processor Suspended After Rats Dismantle Video Surveillance System

The company said rats chewed through the video cables.

Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) suspended the medical and adult-use cannabis processor licenses of Candid Labs.

The CRA’s action comes in response to a recent investigation that turned up several health and safety violations at the company’s facility.

The CRA visited Candid to discuss a malfunctioning video surveillance system and found 38 of the company’s cameras were inoperable.

Candid blamed the issue on a “rat problem” and said that rats had chewed through the video wires.

Michigan law requires cannabis licensees to have video surveillance systems capable of recording activities including weighing, packing, storing and loading.

The CRA’s investigation also found that Candid had produced distillates without tracking tags, meaning the source of the biomass used couldn’t be confirmed.

The complaints allege 13 medical and 15 adult-use regulatory violations against Candid Labs.

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