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State Sues Retailers Over THC Products Marketed to Kids

They mimicked brands like like Skittles, Fritos, Airheads, Nerds and Rice Krispies.

Connecticut is suing five retailers for allegedly selling illegal THC products marketed to children.

State Attorney General William Tong said the products in question contain delta-8 THC, a compound found in hemp plants.

The legal actions follow “unannounced visits” in late December to several vape shops and gas stations.

Tong’s office said it found illegal delta-8 THC products at each business his office visited.

Many of the products mimicked candy and snacks like Skittles, Fritos, Airheads, Nerds and Rice Krispies.

None of the products are subject to the testing requirements of cannabis sold in the regulated marketplace, according to a news release.

“If you see delta-8 THC offered outside any licensed cannabis retailer, do not purchase it, and report it to my office immediately,” said Tong in a statement.

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