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METRC Blames 'Clerical Error' for Near Shutdown in Michigan

Official says operators don't need another hardship right now.

METRC said a “clerical error” caused it to mistakenly alert several cannabis businesses about missed payments.

According to Benzinga, the company told 85% of Michigan cannabis businesses that they had missed their monthly $40 payments.

“We recommend that you contact METRC as soon as possible to resolve the issue and avoid any interruption in your access to the system,” the alert read.

METRC confirmed the alerts were a mistake and said the amount of cannabis businesses late on payments was closer to 11%.

The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency said multiple datasets from METRC were incorrect.

“The industry is going through hardships right now with the prices being so low, and they don’t need inaccurate data and poor communication from METRC,” said CRA Director Brian Hanna.

METRC has a contract with the state of Michigan to provide reporting, tracking and compliance for its cannabis marketplace.

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