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Shawn Deggans: No One Wants to Replace Growers

Why cannabis operators push back on a fully-automated grow.

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Shawn Deggans had been a β€œtechnology guy” for some 25 years when he was introduced to the cannabis industry by his wife. She has been involved in cannabis for many years and had family members who were industry stakeholders, including her late husband, who was a grower.

Deggans started working with Clint Baker, a cultivator at Papa Jesus Farms in Oklahoma (where Deggans has since been named CTO) and performed several side projects that have evolved into a full-time gig. 

In September, Deggans committed to cannabis full-time, quitting his job and focusing on building his consulting company, Green Nanny, which helps small-to-medium-sized growers get the most out of technology. 

While cultivators want to stay in the garden, they still need the tools to help them succeed. 

In this episode, Deggans discusses: 

  • Why he originally started Green Nanny to build IoT devices. (2:19)
  • His best practices for growing cannabis. (5:08)
  • How each grower can figure out the appropriate amount of technology to implement in their grow. (13:08)
  • The 14 pillars of plant health and how cannabis cultivators can use them. (16:50)
  • When growers, who are typically averse to technology, will embrace change. (21:29)
  • The current state of cannabis IoT. (25:17)
  • How edge computing fits into the cannabis industry. (34:24)
  • The role of AI in cannabis cultivation. (42:35)

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