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Kim Rael: Edibles Are Like Dial-up Internet

How "the odd couple of cannabis" perfected edible manufacturing.

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Kim Rael has been called a "startup maven" due to her many years (and successful ventures) in the tech and finance industry. But she wanted to pivot to the wellness sector and was introduced to Ron Silver, a chef who was looking for a partner to help him launch a business around his novel cannabis invention, "TiME INFUSION," which he believed to be the single most effective method of infusing cannabis edibles in the world.

At the time, Rael wasn't a cannabis consumer. She didn't understand the product and bought into Nancy Reagan's "just say no" propaganda. She was invited to participate in a focus group to sample a cannabis-infused sugar made by Silver. At first, she was afraid to even try the product, but she quickly realized she had been wrong all along.

The focus group opened Rael's eyes; she realized how the plant and formulation could benefit the masses and gave Silver 90 days to prove herself.

During her 90-day trial, she became enamored with the fledgling industry's true potential and built a business case that allowed Azuca to scale within the restrictions of the modern cannabis industry. 

Azuca's products transform active cannabis molecules, allowing them to be easily metabolized by the human body. The tech is also scalable for manufacturers, letting them cost-effectively use it regardless of their size. 

While the product has undergone multiple iterations since its initial launch in 2018, Rael believes Azuca is the best in the world at designing advanced formulations. The company licenses its formulations as a non-infused precursor ingredient called Activator, and it is perfect for any company looking to make the best ingestible cannabis on the planet, according to Rael. 

In this episode, Rael also discusses: 

  • Becoming accustomed to the "insanity" of the cannabis business. (13:11)
  • How Activator works and serves the cannabis industry, particularly edible manufacturers. (17:42)
  • Why the industry is misusing the term "nanoemulsion." (21:03)
  • Making an entirely different product for chocolate edible manufacturers. (27:15)
  • How to identify products made using Azuca's Activators. (32:46)
  • The potential for strain-flavored gummies. (36:16)
  • How the product helps promote social cannabis consumption. (38:03)
  • The challenges of bringing a new cannabis product to market. (42:15)

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