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Competition Knowingly Sent Contaminated Pot to Judges

That’s despite disqualifying three other entries.

A cannabis competition allegedly sent contaminated samples to judges.

According to journalist Grant Smith Ellis, at least one entry for “Maine’s Best Strain” was “knowingly included despite the presence of visible mold.”

That’s despite disqualifying three other entries.

According to a tweet from Ellis, text messages from competition organizers seem to confirm the decision.

“Staff of the event were provided a picture of flower with obvious mold…and replied by stating, ‘Yup we saw that one when we jarred it. So Sadddddd,’” he wrote.

As Ellis points out, contestants are responsible for making sure samples pass screening. The competition said entries that don’t meet standards are disqualified.

“In light of that disclaimer, it is unclear why a sample with visible mold was knowingly jarred and sent to judges,” he wrote.

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