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New York isn't Seeking Advice from its Cannabis Advisory Board

The Board Chair said they need a larger staff and bigger budget.

New York’s recreational cannabis marketplace has been slow to unfold since legalization and it seems parts of the state’s regulatory body are barely functioning.

According to, New York’s Cannabis Advisory Board recently admitted it hasn't had any input on the state’s legal cannabis operations.

The Board chair said during a meeting that New York’s Cannabis Control Board has yet to reach out to any of the Board members.

He also said the Cannabis Control Board has been putting new regulations in place without any help from the Advisory Board.

“We come to these meetings, we get very thorough updates, but our ability to make recommendations and to fulfill our role in the statute has not come to fruition,” said Board Chair Joseph Belluck.

Belluck said the Advisory Board needs more staff and a bigger budget to fulfill its mandate.

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