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Lindsay Martwick: The Midwest is Changing the Cannabis Retail Model

How Higher Love is growing the best cannabis in the U.P.

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Lindsay Martwick had a serendipitous journey to cannabis. After a few life changes brought her home to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, Martwick was looking for a new job. 

Founded by Joni Moore, a caregiver and plant scientist, Higher Love first established a grow facility in a retrofit military base in Repulic, Michigan, in 2019. Come February 2021, the company hoped to open its first dispensary in Crystal Falls, Martwick's hometown. Martwick joined the company because she thought it might allow her to give back to the community in a way she never imagined possible. 

She joined Higher Love in January 2021 as a budtender and has been promoted to several positions, including her current role as director of retail. The company had an aggressive strategy to open five retail locations within a year, which it accomplished. Now, the company has further plans to grow. 

While every community hasn't welcomed Higher Love stores with open arms, Martwick stresses the importance of being a good business neighbor and leading by example through a mix of community work, volunteer efforts and donations. She says it's important to ingratiate the company with the community and drop the "pot shop" stigma. 

In this episode, Martwick discusses: 

  • The process of retrofitting an old military base. (4:55)
  • The company's holistic philosophy and its impact on operations. (6:52)
  • How small midwestern towns reacted to each new retail location. (12:18)
  • How the company decides which products to stock. (15:46)
  • The importance of Clean Green certification and how it became a differentiator. (19:52)
  • Higher Love's approach to retail. (29:07)
  • The stress of opening new retail locations. (39:42)

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