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Security Breach: Why AI is Your Biggest Threat and Most Powerful Asset

Artificial intelligence is an unrivaled cyber threat, but benefits are also emerging for the White Hats.

We’ve talked about a lot of challenges, vulnerabilities, attacks and hacker groups on Security Breach, but no topic generates greater consternation than Artificial Intelligence, and all the questions it brings to the table.  

According to an IBM report, the average cost for a data breach was just under $5 million last year. But going a step further, organizations that deployed an AI-based security tools saw their breach cost over $3 million less than those without such a tool. The report also indicated that it took 74 fewer days to identify and contain such a breach versus those who were not using AI technology for cybersecurity. Additionally, IBM found that the use of AI-fueled cybersecurity strategies have increased by 11 percent since 2020.

While these realizations have produced a number of answers, they’ve also created new questions. To help address those and other concerns surrounding AI in cybersecurity, we welcome Jeff Macre, an Industrial Security Solutions Architect from Darktrace to the show.  Darktrace is a leading provider of incident response solutions and artificial intelligence applications.

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