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NYC Weed Museum Adds Kiosks for Buying Cannabis

Just don't use it there.

The House of Cannabis, a weed museum in New York City, is now introducing actual cannabis to the mix.

According to TimeOut New York, guests can now place orders for cannabis via kiosks in the museum.

The House of Cannabis has entered into a partnership with Union Square Travel Agency, a cannabis retailer, for onsite delivery.

But as the report points out, guests still aren’t permitted to use cannabis in the museum.

"We've been a fan of the House of Cannabis since it opened, and like us, they want their guests to explore the cannabis plant…" said Union Square Travel Agency CEO Paul Yau.

The House of Cannabis is a gallery for art as well as a showcase for several immersive experiences tailored around cannabis.

The museum offers “guided levitation,” a cannabis aromatic experience, cultivation insights, and educational exhibits regarding the social impact of the War on Drugs.

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