Minnesota Loses Top Medical Cannabis Regulator

The state is still looking for a recreational cannabis regulator, too.

Chris Tholkes, who has led Minnesota’s Office of Medical Cannabis since 2019, has resigned.

"Cannabis regulatory work is intense and after 5 years of working under a microscope and at a breakneck pace, the time is right for me to make a change,” she told the Star Tribune.

Minnesota’s Department of Health covers medical cannabis and the state’s market for hemp-based THC products.

The Health Department is responsible for making sure companies comply with the low-dose THC rules for edibles and beverages that use hemp.

Tholkes’ exit comes as Minnesota is still looking for someone to run its new adult-use recreational cannabis regulatory agency.

The state initially hired Erin Dupree to the top spot but she resigned shortly after due to reports that her business sold hemp-derived edibles with illegal amounts of THC.

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