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CEN at MJBizCon: Blackbird Makes 400,000 Joints Per Month on One Machine

And it could soon be making blunts as well.

The Cannabis Equipment News team recently traveled to MJBizCon held in Las Vegas from November 28, 2023 through December 1, 2023. At the show, we interviewed equipment manufacturers, cultivators, operators and new product developers to learn more about what they bring to the cannabis industry.

RollPros CEO Kyle Loucks created the Blackbird automated pre-roll machine to roll a joint as you would by hand, only his machine does it much faster. Loucks says operators can make some 400,000 joints per month on a single machine, and the technology could soon be used to automate blunt production as well.

Loucks discusses the flower path through the Blackbird and demonstrates how it works much differently than other machines on the market, which are filling cones. For example, Blackbird has a short flower path, which eases maintenance efforts.

Loucks was also a recent guest on the Cannabis Equipment News podcast. Check out the episode to learn more about why he founded RollPros and his unique perspective on what makes the perfect joint. 

The next MJBizCon will be held in Las Vegas from December 3, 2024 through December 6, 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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