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Teklynx: The Most Forgotten Part of Efficient Manufacturing

Eliminating the room for error in cannabis labeling.

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This week, Nick Recht and Scott Fabian from Teklynx join the Cannabis Equipment News podcast to discuss how they are eliminating room for error in cannabis labeling. 

Teklynx is a software company trying to make data more easily accessible for cannabis operators. As state labeling requirements expand in scope, the company wants to get the right data to the right spot on the label with as few clicks as possible. 

Validated by Metrc and Confident LIMS (formerly Confident Cannabis), the company hopes to eliminate the room for error with integrations that pull the correct label information directly from the compliance tracking platforms—no more manual entry.

As Sales Manager Nick Recht says, it's all a part of the company's effort to establish a single source of truth to ensure the correct data is coming from the right place. The effort should help cannabis operators reduce recalls, warnings and general waste resulting from incorrect labeling. 

Teklynx's software can be a particularly powerful tool, especially as MSOs try to navigate disparate labeling regulations from state to state. 

Jump around: 

  • The trouble with printing labels manually. (5:28)
  • Recalls and fines triggered by labeling problems. (6:30)
  • Common labeling mistakes. (11:25)
  • The printing hardware companies that stand ahead of the pack. (16:42)
  • Problems inherent with disparate labeling regulations. (19:20)
  • The cost of a fingerprint. (22:24)
  • Issues reducing label and packaging waste. (23:13)
  • The future of cannabis labeling. (33:08)
  • Labeling horror stories. (36:20)
  • The end of barcodes. (45:53)

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