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Testing Shows Inflated THC Numbers for Pre-Rolls in Oklahoma

Havard said it’s unclear where the variation is coming from.

If recent testing is accurate, cannabis consumers in Oklahoma could be getting a lot less THC than advertised.

Havard Industries, a fully compliant, Metrc integrated cannabis testing lab in North Central Oklahoma, tried to corroborate recent articles about THC inflation.

The company said it tested 15 different pre-roll samples from different dispensaries and found that every sample was over-reported for potency by an average of 78%.

“We found that the average reported THC in 15 different pre-roll samples was 24.2% and that the THC potency that we observed experimentally was 14.1%,” the company wrote.

The lab admitted that a larger sample size would produce a more accurate result but said the variation would still likely be very high.

Havard said it’s unclear where the variation is coming from since it was unable to check if the labels matched the initial lab results.

It said precautions were taken to prevent bias of the data for the study and that samples were prepared using its standard internal methods for cannabinoid potency.

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