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TSRgrow Expands GROWHub Software to Include Crop Steering

The GROWHub wireless sensors can triangulate micro-climates for crop environment management and monitoring.

Crop Steering With Led Lighting

TSRgrow announces the expansion of their GROWHub Software to include crop steering with TSRgrow Advanced LED Lighting. The latest TSRgrow lighting control software is designed to give cultivators the ability to create unlimited lighting zones within their facility and use lighting to crop steer and drive plant growth through integration with GROWHub environmental monitoring sensors, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and VPD.

Zone Mapping

TSRgrow Advanced LED Lighting Systems have been engineered to deliver spectrum and efficacy for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with integrated monitoring and control of power and the environment. “Cannabis growers have always wanted to be able to let inputs from the growing environment drive their lighting output for ultimate crop steering," said Mikhail Sagal, President of TSRgrow. "Now they can - to increase yields and minimize operating costs.”

A lack of integrated technology has historically kept cultivators from practicing precision zone control in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Starting at the lighting level, photoperiods, spectrums, and intensities must all adapt to the micro-climates in the grow facility.

TSRgrow’s advanced LED lighting platform features remote power servers to supply the LED fixtures at 95% efficiency while giving the ability to dim from 0-100% of the fixture output. Centralizing all fixture power outside the grow room reduces heat, installation and maintenance time and cost. GROWHub advanced LED lighting controls for unlimited zones and scheduling is built-in to the digital platform allowing integrated flexibility accessible locally and globally through phone, tablet or computer, wherever you are.

Further integration of GROWHub wireless environment sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD and media EC and moisture, allows sensors to be strategically placed in the grow facility as part of TSRgrow’s TOTALgrow Solution. Other microenvironmental conditions are monitored zone by zone throughout the facility.


The GROWHub wireless sensors can triangulate micro-climates for crop environment management and monitoring. Sensors can be added for monitoring and data collection for real-time and historical analysis through trends and reports.

Growers can dim up their lights as needed and set thresholds for temperature and humidity. Built-in rules drive emergency closed loop controls. The GROWHub system makes it possible to monitor grow environments remotely via any browser or device giving cultivators the ability to leverage accurate data to improve their “master recipe” for each cultivar. Cultivators can use these tools to augment their own expertise and capabilities, arming them with the information they need to ensure that their harvests will turn out precisely how they expect every time. Real-time alerts via email or SMS ensures being always in the know.

Energy Efficiency

The team at TSRgrow developed a customizable solution that gives growers the ability to control lights by zone and dim accordingly based on the needs of the strains being grown. The company's goal is to deliver solutions for commercial cultivation efficiencies that provide access to real-time data from within the company's GROWHub software platform, while offering growers the ability to develop master recipes to maximize yields. This also allows customers to realize reduced energy and streamlined operating costs as lighting can be optimized by zone and strain, resulting in reduced energy costs.

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