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Israeli Cannabis Company Says 2 Employees Kidnapped by Hamas

The company's Southern Israel Site facility in Nir Oz has been designated as a closed military area.

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InterCure is a medical cannabis company located in Israel. Last week, the company addressed the status of the security situation in the State of Israel, and its impact on the company and its employees, including two who the company said have been kidnapped by Hamas. Below is the company's statement: 

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel’s southern border from the Gaza Strip and conducted a series of attacks on civilian and military targets. Hamas also launched extensive rocket attacks on Israeli population and industrial centers located along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip and in other areas within the State of Israel. These attacks resulted in extensive deaths, injuries and kidnapping of civilians and soldiers. Following the attack, Israel’s security cabinet declared war against Hamas and a military campaign against these terrorist organizations.

As a company that chose to establish its main facility in Kibbutz Nir Oz (the Southern Israel Site), approximately 2 kilometers from the Gaza border, we stand united with the Israeli villages and towns bordering the Gaza Strip, all the victims of the terrorist attack, the citizens and the defense forces of our country. We seek to strengthen and embrace all those who need assistance. Together, we will win.

Despite the numerous challenges, the company's management, cannabis trading houses, and pharmacies are working diligently to provide the required service to patients, and meet the growing demand for the Company's products, especially during this difficult period. The Southern Israel Site in Kibbutz Nir Oz, one of the most advanced and largest facilities in Israel and outside North America, encompasses the largest genetic bank and inventory in Israel.

Since the beginning of the war, the Southern Israel Site facility in Nir Oz has been designated by the Israeli authorities as a closed military area. At this point, the company is unable to assess the extent of the damage to the Southern Israel Site, and the scope of the rehabilitation that will be required. All of the company’s remaining facilities, in Israel and abroad, are functioning normally, and have been asked to ramp up production. The company estimates in high certainty that it will be entitled for compensation from the Israeli Government for the damages suffered.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's facilities, including the Southern Israel Site in Nir-Oz, were recognized as an “essential enterprise” by the Israeli government.

The company has received substantial offers to supply its inventories and to grow its genetics from various local and international strategic partners.

At this point, the duration of the war, and its direct and indirect damages are highly uncertain. While the company is estimated in high certainty that the Israeli government will compensate the company for damages that were caused by the terrorist attack and the war, the company is currently unable to estimate the impact on its financial results.

InterCure has decided to support and supply the communities in the Israeli Southern Border, as well as the survivors from the terrorist attack, with its line of products, free of charge, to ease their pain and provide relief for various medical conditions, including pain relief and trauma treatment. The company is working closely with the Ministry of Health of Israel to promote special trauma treatment programs.

InterCure, along with the entire nation of Israel, recognizes the difficult loss of families who have lost loved ones, wish a full recovery for the thousands injured, strengthen the hands of the families who's loved ones have been kidnapped, including two of our Nir-Oz employees and families who's loved ones have been missing, and hope they return home safely and shortly.

The company’s leadership position in the medical cannabis market and the fact that we operate from and through the wonderful community of Kibbutz Nir-Oz for years, makes it our obligation to act quickly to restore the Southern Israel Site in Kibbutz Nir Oz for the benefit of all our patients. The company is committed to support the communities and provide its products, to patients living in the affected areas and all the survivors of the terrorist attack. Bringing relief is our mission statement. Together, we will win. עם ישראל חי”

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