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Mitch Galton: Building a Cannabis Facility Is Like Buying a Car

Everyone thinks they want a Ferrari, but sometimes the Camry makes more sense.

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This week, Mitch Galton, director of business development at urban-gro, discusses why he left college early to start a career in cannabis.

Galton's cannabis path commenced in LED lighting with Fluence, but has since graduated into a role that has him working closer to the plant at urban-gro, a company that specializes in architectural, engineering and cultivation systems integration for commercial cannabis and controlled-environment food facilities.

Urban-gro has worked on more than 450 indoor cultivation projects that ranged from 10,000 square-feet to 1.8 million square-feet. Galton takes us through the process of building an indoor cultivation facility, including how to increase canopy while reducing energy consumption.

Galton says that while every client is different, urban-gro can work with any budget to make it happen. Galton says building a cultivation facility is a lot like building a car: most people want a Ferrari, but what they need (or can afford) is a Camry. Sticking with the car metaphor, building a cannabis facility is also a lot like buying a car — after you determine your budget, you have to choose which features are most aligned with your goals.

Urban-gro is having a big year, experiencing some 119% growth year-over-year in the third quarter. The company recently announced an exclusive contract outside of the cannabis industry with Urban Health Farms to design and build approximately 20 turnkey, food-focused vertical farms throughout Europe. 

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