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Mark Doherty: Solving Traditional Problems with Racking Systems

Ten years ago, he built his first commercial indoor farm — and made every mistake imaginable, but learned a lot.

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This week, Mark Doherty, partner at Doherty Agriculture and advisor to Dual Draft Integrated Airflow, discusses what he's encountered in more than 10 years in the controlled environment agriculture market.

He built his first commercial indoor farm in 2010 and made every mistake imaginable, but he learned a lot. Since then, the market has changed drastically.

Now, he works with Dual Draft to solve some of the traditional problems with racking systems in the cannabis industry, like water pooling and airflow consistency.

Dual Draft’s proprietary technology provides consistent airflow, which eliminates micro climates and ensures consistent growing conditions. He says it's the only product that offers under-canopy airflow.

The product recently debuted and received an incredible response at MJBizCon 2021.

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