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Marion Mariathasan: We Make Life Easier for Cannabis Companies

Especially when regulators come through the door.

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In 2015, Marion Mariathason sold his tequila company and was looking for his next venture. He spoke to colleagues about the problems the cannabis industry faced regarding operational compliance and saw an opportunity to be at the forefront of a new industry.

Prior to the tequila venture, Mariathasan had a storied track record launching tech startups, and he liked the idea of staying in the "vice" business, because whether in good times or bad, vices will keep society moving along.

As the cannabis industry was coming online, Mariathasan knew it would be highly regulated, so he worked to create a platform that helps operators remain compliant while streamlining operations. Now, with more than six years in business, Simplifya works with industry stakeholders large and small, from the biggest MSOs to single-license operators. 

Simplifya's platform provides companies with everything they need to do based on their location and types of licenses in a simple, easy-to-follow format. The platform has been particularly useful for compliance teams that work to stay on top of ever-changing regulations and understand new rules as they take effect. 

In this episode, Mariathasan also discusses: 

  • How Simplifya helps cannabis operators streamline operations. (9:50)
  • Why the company has a front-row seat as new states, territories and countries come online. (12:40)
  • How AI will play a role in compliance and documentation. (16:18)
  • How the Risk Mitigation Alliance leverages Simplifya to lower insurance premiums for cannabis operators. (18:55)
  • How new RMA partners, like banks and law firms, are vetted before being accepted into the program. (26:57)
  • Simplifya's biggest success stories, like Jushi. (30:00)
  • The top compliance challenges that cannabis operators face today. (33:37)
  • New markets that are struggling with the regulatory process. (38:31)
  • The states that could legalize next, and the work that needs to be done to move the industry forward. (41:26)
  • The path to federal cannabis legalization. (43:49)

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