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CEN at MJBizCon: Kief-Coating Robot Does the Work of 5 to 10 People

Sorting Robotics CEO Nohtal Partansky shows off his company's latest automation innovation.

The Cannabis Equipment News team recently traveled to MJBizCon held in Las Vegas from November 28, 2023 through December 1, 2023. At the show, we interviewed equipment manufacturers, cultivators, operators and new product developers to learn more about what they bring to the cannabis industry.

Sorting Robotics never wanted to build Stardust.

According to CEO Nohtal Partansky, his company started with Jiko, its automated pre-roll infusion robot, because that's what customers were asking for. But now he's hearing more about coating the outside of pre-rolls with kief and other materials either as an alternative or an addition to infusing.

That customer demand is what led Sorting Robotics to create Stardust, which it's calling the "world's first" automated kief-coating robot. It can process up to 960 joints per hour with a single-operator design that can cuts costs. Kief coating is a labor-intensive process, but Partansky said Stardust can do the work of five to 10 people while saving operators thousands every month.

Stardust can handle many different pre-roll sizes, including cones, straight tubes, and blunts and it's compatible with distillate, fully decarbed concentrates, cigar glue, and water formulations. Coating options include dry sift kief, bubble hash, crushed THCa diamonds, or powdered cannabis.

Partansky was also a recent guest on the Cannabis Equipment News podcast. Check out the episode to learn more about why he founded Sorting Robotics and moved from aerospace engineering to cannabis. 

The next MJBizCon will be held in Las Vegas from December 3, 2024 through December 6, 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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