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Jane Technologies Launches Rewards Program for the Cannabis Industry

It lets cannabis brands that cannot ship direct-to-consumer provide cash-back rewards.

Jane Gold
Jane Technologies

Jane Technologies, an e-commerce provider for the cannabis industry, today announced Jane Gold, a consumer rewards program that allows cannabis brands that cannot ship direct-to-consumer the ability to provide exclusive cash-back rewards to consumers across Jane's dispensary partner network.

Jane Gold makes getting cash back on cannabis purchases simple and personalized. By joining for free, consumers qualify to earn exclusive cash back from their favorite brands, discovering new and beloved products with a customized experience. Jane Gold enables consumers to quickly and securely link their bank accounts to receive cash-back rebates directly from the brands, without having to burden the dispensary. It is worth noting that due to current regulations, these bank-to-bank (or ACH) transfers are the only legal way to complete cashless cannabis transactions in the industry today.

Brands that participated in the beta launch of the Jane Gold program saw an average increase of 7% in overall sales, with 60% of those sales coming from first-time shoppers. Dispensaries on the Jane Gold network received brand-subsidized discounts without reducing their margins, resulting in a 30% increase in average order value (AOV) per customer. Dispensaries that participated in the beta launch of the Jane Gold program experienced a 12% increase in sales, while non-participating dispensaries in the same geographic market saw an 18% decrease in sales.

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