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Ozone Creates 'Lightning in a Box' to Sanitize Cannabis Facilities

The company started by treating odors at hog farms, and now designs and manufactures systems that help create a better quality, cleaner and more pure product.

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This week, Sannel Patel, the senior vice president of engineering at Ozone Solutions, discusses how his company designs and manufactures custom products that use "lightning in a box" to sanitize cannabis operations.

The company started in odor remediation, primarily targeting hog farms β€” which have a pretty notorious scent. The company has since gone on to create more than 400 ozone generators, monitors and injection systems that eradicate viruses and bacteria while providing odor control, air treatment, surface and piping sanitation, and water purification.

Although the technology is popular overseas, primarily in Europe and Asia, it unfamiliar in the U.S. 

In the cannabis industry, companies use ozone solutions to purify reused water and sanitize the water supply, which prevents bacteria or viruses from reaching the plant. It's the equivalent of feeding the plants high-quality bottled water, and the plants grow faster.

Cannabis businesses are also using ozonated gas treatments for odor remediation in grow rooms. It not only treats the smell, but it prevents any molds, viruses or bacteria from growing in the rooms.

Some companies also use ozonated chambers to treat buds, which leads to a better quality, cleaner and more pure product. 

Ozone Solutions manufactures the systems on location, and each one is "tuned" to suit the operation.

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