How It's Made: The Model G Grinder & Destemmer

It's not just a "weedwhacker in a bucket."

Last week, GreenBroz unveiled the Model G Precision Grinder + Destemmer, the first combination destemmer and grinder on the cannabis market. 

In a new video (above), GreenBroz R&D Engineer Dylan Cruz discusses the Model G's development, what worked and what didn't. 

Unlike competing technology on the market, the Model G is more than a "weedwhacker in a bucket," Cruz says. The grinder/destemmer was manufactured at the company's facility in Las Vegas, NV. Keeping the work in-house afforded the company a quick prototyping timeline, enabling them to build it, test it and torture it. 

The Model G efficiently removes stems from milled flower while maintaining product quality and controlling particle size. The result is a consistent, standardized product (for example, pre-rolls, concentrates and edibles) and an easy-to-clean machine. 

Available with 1/8-inch, 5/32-inch or 3/16-inch mill size interchangeable screens, the Model G can process more than 100 pounds per hour.

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