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Alex Boone: Hemp-Based Paper Enhances Cannabis Products

Why brand owners are switching to hemp-based paper and problems working with an inexperienced supply chain.

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In 2014, Alex Boone was on a beach in the Florida Panhandle sitting next to a college student who was moving to Colorado to work in cannabis. Boone asked him what he did with his cannabis byproduct, to which he replied, “I think we burn it.” At that time, Boone knew he had an opportunity to make paper out of cannabis byproducts, but it wasn’t until the “Hemp Production and the 2018 Farm Bill” was signed into law that the idea really took off. Boone would use hemp production byproduct to make paper. 

Hemp paper brand Botani officially launched in February 2022, but it's backed by SWM International, a company that has been in the paper business for some 400 years and making rolling papers for 150 years. 

In this episode of the Cannabis Equipment News podcast, Boone discusses: 

  • New hemp-based paper for cannabis products.
  • Problems working with an inexperienced supply chain.
  • Why consumers are willing to pay more for a better product. 
  • Fixing industry problems with paper consistency.
  • Why brand owners are switching to hemp-based paper.
  • And creating a complementary taste that no other paper product can provide.

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