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Jonathan Bohun: How to Build Stronger Brand Loyalty

The importance of having a dialogue between company and customer to build stronger brand loyalty.

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Jonathan Bohun is a Ukrainian immigrant who moved to California about nine years ago. A software developer by trade, Bohun was drawn to the cannabis industry and started down a new path as a dispensary delivery driver. He worked up the corporate ladder, becoming a manager, and he eventually obtained a license to grow and distribute his own cannabis. 

As Bohun gained more experience in the industry, he saw a dearth of brand loyalty programs. Loyalty programs were most common at the dispensary level with rewards focused on total spending at a location β€” as opposed to with a particular brand. So, leaning on his software development background, he founded Weedar, a loyalty platform offering tools to brands to improve customer retention. 

Bohun has been working on the project for about two years, aiming to improve consumer experiences with exclusive offers like NFTs. Weedar, however, has faced several challenges along the way β€” including relocating its entire Ukraine-based development team and their families at the onset of the Russian invasion. 

In this episode, Bohun discusses:

  • How cannabis brands can benefit from offering NFTs and hiring artists to create exclusive augmented reality packaging. (8:20)
  • The rising customer acquisition costs that cannabis brands face. (10:32)
  • The importance (and fragility) of an open dialogue between brand and customer. (11:53)
  • His work with the Kushstock Festival to attract attendees to sponsor booths with virtual games. (14:20)
  • Why brands should start simplifying physical packaging and paying more attention to digital packaging. (19:45)
  • Why sales and cultivation are among the most in-demand skills in the industry. (21:09)
  • The role augmented reality can play in the industry. (23:09)
  • The intricacies of gamification in the cannabis consumer experience. (24:00)
  • How he relocated his Ukrainian team and their families. (28:47)

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