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Manufacturer May Have Swapped Cannabis for Hemp in Products

“What they’re doing — from a commerce perspective — it’s criminal.”

A new report suggests that the company at the center of a massive cannabis recall in Missouri was actually using hemp-derived THC in its products.

According to the Missouri Independent, Delta Extraction revealed in court filings that it imported THC oil made from hemp for use in its products.

Cannabis retailers who had bought from Delta expressed dismay over paying cannabis prices for hemp-based products.

Richard Batenburg Jr., owner of The Clear, told the publication he was also upset over unknowingly deceiving his customers.

“They were duping all these compliant operators,” he said. “What they’re doing — from a commerce perspective — it’s criminal.”

Delta did not comment on the story. The company was involved in a recall last month that impacted more than 60,000 products.

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"Even after undergoing all the ridiculous analytical tests — and despite what every cannabis program director says — states have no clue about what is actually in any of these products, or about their safety," says Lezli Engelking, president and founder of cannabis health and safety organization FOCUS.

"[The situation] sure makes Missouri's decision to require all licensees to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) look even more brilliant," she adds. "With a formal QMS in place, these companies would have had to establish proper supplier qualifications as well as ensure their partners were following them."

All cannabis businesses in the state were required to implement a QMS by August 1, 2023, yet none of the companies involved had one established.

"Eventually, the cannabis industry will learn (the hard way) that being proactive is always a more effective and less expensive approach," Engelking adds.

According to Engelking, several details have yet to be revealed in the ongoing situation in Missouri and, depending on your perspective, the story will continue to get better (or worse).

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