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New Law Gives Tax Break to Washington Medical Pot Users

The state is hoping to encourage more people to apply for medical cannabis cards.

A new law in Washington will give medical cannabis users a break from the state’s high excise taxes.

According to the Seattle Times, the exemption will apply to consumers who are registered patients in the Department of Health’s Medical Cannabis Authorization database.

Buyers can only get the tax break on DOH standard compliant products and only retailers with medical cannabis endorsement can offer the exemption.

Washington, which carries the country’s highest cannabis tax rate at 37%, is hoping the new law will encourage more people to apply for medical cannabis cards.

But there are also concerns about how the new law will impact the state’s cannabis tax revenues and whether it could help boost the illicit market.

Washington residents hoping to apply for and get a medical cannabis card need to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition like cancer, epilepsy or multiple sclerosis.

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